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Insurance Facts

Things To Know About Your Insurance When It Comes to Roof Repairs:

  • Hail and wind are generally considered an “Act of God” on insurance policies and do not raise your rates individually.

  • If you have a mortgage on your property, your lender requires you to carry “replacement cost coverage” to underwrite your loan. This guarantees that even older roofs are replaced at no additional costs to homeowners other than the deductible.

  • Crusader Roofing follows the insurance claims agreement in its scope of work and will perform its duties for the amount the insurance company pays in its claims agreement with you.

  • Beware of insurance fraud. There are many roofers who will offer to pay your deductible for you. You are the one committing insurance fraud in that situation, not the roofer.

  • You only have a limited time in which your homeowners’ insurance will cover the cost of damages! By not making repairs you may risk losing property value or having to repair at your own cost. Also, your insurance company may opt to not renew your homeowners’ insurance policy until repairs are made.

  • Importance of “Date of Loss” – Everyone is familiar with Hurricane Matthew and the damage it caused. Many roofs were replaced due to wind damage but some were not. In both cases, homes had missing or damaged shingles. Prior to the hurricane, there were severe storms that produced wind and hail. So if you had prior damage from those storms but used the “Date of Loss” of Hurricane Matthew and the claims adjuster saw hail damage he would not consider that in their assessment for replacement.

  • When filing a claim you need to make sure you get covered for all damages from the hail to include gutters, siding, window screens, paint, air units, and more. Your policy covers home damage, not just roof damage. Remember, time is of the essence when filing a claim. If you wait too long you will not be able to file insurance for the damage and you will be responsible for all the costs. Check with your carrier for details and your deductibles as they will be taken from the insurance payout.

  • After the insurance company sends out an inspector, you will get a report detailing the damages observed and the compensation amount. If compensation is not enough, we can file the necessary paperwork to have these items included and paid for even after a check has been issued to you.

  • We’ll meet on-site with your insurance adjuster to offer expert advice and make sure they don’t miss any hidden damage.

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